house YK





造作のステンレスキッチンを中心にした視線の抜ける LDKの二階と寝室フロアの三階を繋ぐ二つの吹き抜け。



The family was transferred right after they bought a second hand house, therefore decided to use their time being to design and determine their ideal house.
The important factors were:
・designing the connection between inside and outside
・being able to feel the sun rise every morning
・clean space but not a white cube
・being able to provide private space within the family

To accomplish these needs, we worked on this project with the theme of “mixture / blending”.

First we designed a thin dirt floor to mix and connect the outside and inside. The dirt floor connects from the entrance to the garden. This space is filled with natural sunlight making it a buffer area between the inside and outside.

Secondly, we designed two voids that connect the 2nd and 3rd floor.
The kitchen is placed right in the middle of the 2nd floor where the living and dining area are, and the private rooms are placed on the 3rd floor. The two voids are placed alternately, enabling the family members to feel the presence of others even when on different floors. The sunlight reaches to the 2nd floor through the stoplights and void, and also the reflection from the white wall and wood floorings make a very soft and warm atmosphere.

Third, we placed a balcony with high walls, enabling a private outer space, on the 2nd floor.
This space extends the living area and while keeping its privacy, the balcony connects the inside and outside with a great view of the sky.
In the balcony is a small workspace, enabling a quiet cozy place to concentrate but also being able to feel the sign of their family at all times.

The interior is mostly white and simple, however with the designing of the “mixture / blending” of light, space, and atmosphere we were able to create a warm and bright home for the family.

クライアント: 夫婦+お子様2人
場所: 某所
敷地面積: 79.98㎡
延床面積: 109.62㎡
完成時期: 2022.10
構造規模: 木造 3階建て
施工会社: 柏倉建設
撮影: Lenz Design